Monday, April 23

What would I do without her?

M: I mean, I know I'll never be the next Dooce, but it's cool when you find out you have readers
A: exactly
A: how the hell did she get so famous anyway?
M: she got fired from her job for blogging
M: the story went national
A: ohhhh
A: i didn't know it was publicized
A: i knew she was fired
M: that's how I first started reading her...I saw an article somewhere
A: damn
M: so basically we have to do something super extravagant
A: hmm
A: what could we do
A: that would be news worthy?
M: hmmm
A: shave our heads and go in and out of rehab?
A: oh wait
M: hehe
A: make a derogatory comment on MSNBC?
A: no, then people wouldn't like us
M: I suppose we would have to get naked. People always notice naked. Somewhere very public
M: no...but people like naked
A: people do like naked - but will they read our blogs if we are naked?
M: the naked bloggers?
M: I'd read it
A: truth
M: see...all these bald, racist, alcoholic people already had fame....we need to be even bigger
A: i know
M: type naked blogger into Google
M: I don't think we came up with this first...
A: dammit!



Anonymous molly said...

Hahahaha I love it. Naked bloggers forever. "My naked on the seat..."

Monday, April 23, 2007 5:35:00 PM


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