Sunday, April 15

Boobs and Bravo

Rhode Island is getting hit with a giant storm today....or, the excuse that I using to be so. ridculously. lazy. But the rain - my GOD the rain. It started around 8 or so this morning and has continued all torrential-downpour like. The streets, they are flooded - and the wind, it is making the cable flicker. Enough said.

I rolled out of bed at an hour that I am embarrassed to mention (11:30) and dragged my ass to the gym. M and I decided that Sundays are our rest days - but I missed Thursday and decided that my joints hurt and needed some pool therapy. I walked outside and to my car, drove to the gym and walked in, completely soaking wet. Well. It took care of the need to shower before getting into the pool. Ha. Gross.

20 laps later and I am panting and have jello legs. BUT! My kneeeees. They feel oh-so much better.

So I have to confess something. I am not a fan of the whole being naked in the women's locker room and walking from the shower to the toilet to the lockers without wearing even a damn towel. SO many women at the gym feel comfortable enough to walk around, unincumbered and without fear that their boobs are a-floppin'. And... fine. I mean, I still jump a little when I walk in and see an 85 year old woman drop her towel and bend over to search for her...garments. Whatever. I'm a terrible person. God bless her - she comes here, swims, stays healthy. But her boobs? Not something I necessarily care to see.

I'm sorry. I am terrible. Maybe it's just me....maybe it's because it takes me a while to feel comfortable being naked in front of anyone. Some people don't have this issue. Maybe I'm just jealous.

Or...maybe you should put some underwear on. Because. Seriously.

Anyway, now I am laying in bed with the dog (roommate's) at my feet and the Workout marathon on TV....and I am unable to find the energy to get up and take! a! damn! shower! Really I smell like chlorine. And my skin is yelling at me.

But new episodes keep coming on. Help! Cute lesbians! Working out! Gay boy drama! I can't escaaaaape.

P.S. Anyone who watches Workout - Who HATES Jesse this season? UGH. Shut up already. You like BOYS. Stop hating on the lesbians.

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Anonymous molly said...

Ugh...old boobs. Well I suppose we will have old boobs one day. Proud of you for going yesterday and sorry that I flaked today. It was a really hard weekend (tell you allll about it tomorrow) and my energy was shot.

Monday, April 16, 2007 8:39:00 AM


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