Thursday, April 12

and then I got hit by a car.

I probably should have taken the universe's hint that this day was going to suck. When my alarm went off at 10 of six, I woke up only to discover that my throat was swollen and on fire and my body felt like a twisted pretzel. I thought briefly about still going to the gym and then swallowed. Owwwwwwwwww.


Apparently I shut my alarm off instead of resetting it and subsequently woke up late for class. Faaantastic.

After running around throwing on clothes and trying to make the bags under my eyes seem not so baggy, I flew out of the house only to discover that it was hailing. In April. Hail. Chunks of ice. Falling from the sky. April.

what the hell.

Ok good. At least the weather is consistent with the theme of the day: ways to make Ashley angry. Cut to me, walking to class [late, of course. which, coincidentally is the theme of my LIFE]. I am blurry-eyed and bundled up trying to avoid said hail when out of nowhere a car backs! into! me! That's right. A motorized vehicle slowly backed into my left shoulder. Holy hell what is happening in my life right now? Keep in mind, I am fine. It didn't even knock my over, just felt like a punch in the arm area.

The girl stops and gets out of her jeep and exclaims, "Oh my GOD! Are you ok? I was like TOTALLY not looking"

Now, on normal days, I may have just said, oh it's ok, I'm fine. And walked away. But remember today's theme. So I am angry. Very angry. So I reply, "Yeah, sometimes it's good to LOOK BEHIND YOU when you put your car into reverse. Just a thought."

Maybe a little harsh, but really? You forgot to look behind you? Did you miss the class in driver's ed where they tell you that the ability to see where you are driving is the most important part of the whole activity so as not to run over people, other cars and possibly small animals?

The rest of the day up until now has been fine, other than the fact that the hail has turned to pouring rain and my pants are still wet from walking outside because umbrellas are not designed to protect against horizontal precipitation. [god I really hate living in Rhode Island today.]

Only a few hours before I go home and crawl right back into bed. Because obviously that's what the universe has been trying to tell me to do all damn morning.

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Anonymous Muffin said...

awwww muffin :(

Thursday, April 12, 2007 2:29:00 PM


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