Monday, March 19

I am insane

I decided that my blog was dull. Boring to look at. I mean, I had a blogger-made template for god's sake. The other day I was browsing through blogs and came across 2 (not 1, but 2!) other blogs that had chosen my polka dotted blue/green background.

Panic flooded me. Ah! I'm not original! I'm a fraud! How will I ever be taken seriously in the blogging world?

(I know, I've created a monster)

So I went searching. I took a break from my short story writing...ask me about that later...and decided to explore different blog layouts. Little did I know that I was about to embark on a hellish 2 hour activity.

I won't bore you with the details - but trying to rewrite HTML code over and over and is maddening. I was at a coffee shop while this was all unfolding and my stomach was growling so loud, it drowned out the espresso machine.

The conversation in my head:

You are being obsessive and ridiculous! Go home! Make food! You are starving!

No! Look at my blog! It's all screwed up! How can I leave it like this??? WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK?

You are losing it. You can fix it when you get home. You've been on this site for over two hours. Give it up.

I just can't leave it like this. My stomach can wait...

Look! It's snowing out. Really hard. You should leave now. Go home, put on sweatpants, make dinner. BE ON VACATION! It is spring break. You are crazy.

Yes, thank you I know. I just have one more thing to fix on the code and I'll be....

**I change the code and hit "preview" only to see a series of incoherent letters, numbers and symbols on the screen instead of my wonderful new template, customized to fit my blogging needs.**

AH! NooOOOOO! (pause.) Ok, you're right. I'm losing it.

Thank you! Let's get the f out of here.

So I'm home now. And I ate before I finally fixed it. So here it is - the new face of The Lighter Side of Growing Up.

If you don't like it, deal with it. I am not going through that again for a while.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, for one, like your writing. It certainly isn't boring (now I am boring you, don't I?)
Take care,
Speed Limit
"The empty half of the glass is always at the top"

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 12:07:00 AM

Blogger Lisa said...

I am one of those people that use the exact same template that you used to have! But I don't really know how to change it to something original... I should take a couple hours and just learn it.
I do like your writing though. In our age bracket (ish) its hard to find good bloggers.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 8:46:00 AM

Anonymous zandria said...

Looks good to me! You're right; it's good to be different. It's no fun to have a widely-recognizable theme. :)

I found your site from the link on BlogHer. I write for the singles area, so have no fear -- we're not all mommy bloggers. I'm sure you'll be able to find a like-minded community. :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 11:39:00 AM

Blogger Coy said...

Found your blog on blogher! Great read!

coy @

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 1:57:00 PM


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