Thursday, May 3

Ode to...

Dear "Little" Brother,

Happy 15th Birthday! It is hard to believe that you are one year away from the legal age to drive. [Scary too.] I can still remember the day you were born - I was playing in the driveway with sidewalk chalk and hoping for a little sister. I decided that it was alright you were a boy when Mom first let me hold you. And now I'm so glad you were a boy. Mostly because you are a freaking awesome kid...but also because I didn't have to share clothes with anyone.

So my advice for the next year: 15 is sort of a tease of an age because you're not old enough to drive, vote, drink, buy porn or really anything fun. BUT the good part about being this age [and there is a good part, I swear] is that you have very few responsibilities. Once you drive, you have to worry about paying for gas and car repairs and you know, making sure you don't run over children or small animals. Then before you know it, you have college applications, jobs, bills, loans, obnoxious roommates....the list is endless. SO. Enjoy being 15. Enjoy doing lots of nothing while you can.

Hope you have a great birthday kiddo. I love you.

PS I sent your birthday card in the mail yesterday. probably won't get it until Saturday. Sorry about that. I suck at sending out things on time.

Dear Staff of OIEE,

Today was my LAST day ever as a staff member. I cleaned out my desk, took a few items with me (like the infamous water bottle that Kat stuffed with Starburst) and said goodbye. It hasn't hit me yet that I will no longer be working there - which is probably a good thing considering I generally becoming a weepy blubbering MESS when it comes to goodbyes and endings. The finality of things coming to an end always knocks me off my feet a little bit, a small reminder that the clock is always ticking.

It could never be expressed how thankful I am for the opportunity to work with such incredible people. You have all become a second family to me - a home away from home. Thank you for all the help, advice, gentle criticism, food, FOOD and more food you have provided throughout the past year.

Erica....there aren't enough words in the English language for this goodbye. You were just my favorite person on the planet to work with. Besides being my boss, you have become such an important person in my life. It is sort of insane to me how similar we are....even though being your mini-me never quite made sense ;) I really will miss you so much. You better not tell next year's intern that she/he is your favorite.

You have all provided me with an unforgettable experience, an unparallelled sense of pride, and support in one of the most tumultous years of my life. Please know that I will take all of this with me and always be jealous of future students who get the chance to work with you all. They have no idea how freaking lucky they are. [Make sure you tell them.]

I love you all.

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