Tuesday, May 1

Hack. Cough. and Rosie.

I'm a little sick. I think. Or it could just be a sneak attack of seasonal allergies that has caused my entire head to feel all balloon-y. But whatever it is, I feel ICKy. Icky and tired. Icky, tired, and stressed because there are 3 exams and a paper standing between me and graduation. Oh that and I have to explain to my landlord (who I don't think likes me very much and shows it in well, passive agressive ways.) that I can't give her the entire rent today. What a fun conversation that will be. I can just see it now, she will smile crookedly and say ok and then I will hear her doing laundry (in the room right next to mine) at 3:00 AM. Good times.

Does anyone else think it's both amusing and sad that Rosie is leaving The View? No? Ok. Me either.

I was a big fan of Rosie back when she had her own talk show and still pretended to be straight by having a fake crush on Tom Cruise. It was no surprise when she came out of the closet and personally I think her family (3 adopted kids, 1 biological son by her partner Kelli) is an inspiration to gay couples everywhere who want a family of their own. I know she has a very big mouth and says exactly what's on her mind without fear of retribution or backlash. But in the short time that she was on The View (which, I might add, was probably the most mind-numbing daytime talk show next to the Ebert and Roper movie review show on Sunday mornings) Rosie's presence and ability to bring controversial topics to the forefront without always worrying about being politically correct was what gave the show it's huge ratings boost.

So unless they replace Rosie with Donald Trump or Rupert Murdoch himself, I don't think the show will see any continued success. [Well, what the hell do you know? Absolutely nothing. Good point.]

Anyway, I am going to go back to preparing for my exams and praying for the sweet release of death....or for these cold meds to kick in. Whatever happens first.

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Anonymous molly said...

I stopped watching The View forever ago. Did Rosie make it better? Don't worry about not making it the last few days...but I can't wait till you're back! I miss you!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007 12:31:00 PM


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