Friday, May 4

Dude. Friday!

You know that commercial with Sally Field and that once a month pill for osteoporosis? Boniva, I think it's called? So the first line of that commercial is...

"I was talking to my girlfriend about her osteoporosis treatment, and she told me she has to set aside time ONE morning a WEEK to take her pill. Then I told her about once monthly Boniva."

Ok. What? SET ASIDE time? To swallow a tiny pill once a week? How much time do you need?

"Oh sorry, I can't meet you for coffee, Marge. No, lunch is out too. I have to take my pill. Yeah, I'm in for the day."

This is not the only medicine that doctors have tried to make "more convenient." The Pill [you know the one I'm talking about] is now available in every possible form. You put a sticker on your ass and leave it on for an entire month - and boom. No baby for you. There's that Pill commercial where the girl is complaining that while the Pill once freed women and gave them sexual independence, it now WEIGHS us down! How can WE POSSIBLY be expected to swallow a pill the size of an an ameba EVERY day? God the chains of oppression that hold us down! We must rise up against this and demand a quicker way! We don't have TIME to swallow. Make an inhalable birth control so all we have to do is BREATHE and we are safe.

Kills me.

Speaking of ridiculous, go to and hit the get directions link. Type in San Francisco to Amsterdam. Line 29 is my favorite.



Anonymous Mommer said...

I am laughing so hard. I love Line 29. Pull back to the bigger picture, and, why the hell were you mapping SF to Amsterdam? I also couldn't agree more about the whole not having time to swallow thing. I absolutely HATE that Sally Field commercial. Even if I needed that medication to save my life, I wouldn't take it just because that commercial is so dumb.

Friday, May 04, 2007 12:15:00 PM

Anonymous molly said...

Did you read that at Mighty Girl? Cracked me up too. And seriously, I really don't think I can meet you at the gym anymore because I have to set aside the whole morning to take my pill. It is SUCH an ordeal!

Friday, May 04, 2007 1:10:00 PM


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