Friday, April 20

Seesaws and Sunburns

Today was just freaking awesome.

Took the kids to the park and wore ourselves OUT. Went out for ice cream afterwards because Abby was such a good girl all day. Also because I was craving ice cream.

Max is probably the cutest baby on planet Earth and melts my heart every time he claps when he sees me and blows me a kiss when I leave the room.

Took a nap with both kids on the couch as we were all exhausted from our tiring 3 hours in the sun climbing on the monkey bars and playing on a kick ass seesaw.

Have a little sunburn from being outside - and it feels nice. After what seemed like WEEKS of rain and clouds, today was a lifesaver. Everyone was outside, at the beach, riding bikes, finally able to come out of hibernation.

After Grandma relieved me from "work," I went home, grabbed my camera and went to the beach just in time to see the sunsetting. Sometimes Rhode Island is so beautiful it literally takes my breath away. Sometimes I have a hard time believing I grew up here. And sometimes I can't wait to get the hell out. It's a love / hate thing truthfully.

Went to my FAVORITE restaurant [they serve the best damn vegetarian burgers] and after ordering found out that they are hiring and lo and behold, they have openings immediately. They are super busy in the summer AND they have awesome food AND they are right next to the ocean and and and....I am going to apply. My goal is to work as many jobs as humanly possible so I can stop freaking out about not having any money saved up.

Now I am home enjoying said food and about to shower and watch a movie. And pass out. Because it was really an exhausting day.

See? I told you. So freaking awesome.

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Anonymous molly said...

OMG...does that mean I'll get a discount of the chicken parmenia sandwich? =)

Monday, April 23, 2007 8:15:00 AM


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