Monday, April 30

I have had too much caffeine to think of a title

It is no secret. Money and I, well....we don't have a good relationship. It remains an elusive part of my life - showing up and disappearing in the blink of an eye. Even when I manage to convince money to stay for a little while, inevitably, something demands to be purchased (like gas...or food. or coffee. LOTS of coffee.) and money leaves me yet again feeling melancholy and blue...oh, and broke.

Being in college is not conducive to convincing money to stick around for more than, oh I don't know, a week?!? Being in a long distance relationship, also not a selling point for money to hang out with me. Rising gas prices? Pshh. Money is NOT sticking around for that bullshit. It also doesn't care for things like rent, electricity and, well it hides when the heating bill comes in the mail.

It is safe to say that Money is not a very dependable friend to me. And although in just under a week, I will be starting not one, but TWO new jobs, the promise of more money lurks just around the corner. Though I have vowed to try to open up a new bank account, one that will seduce SOME of my money into lingering, perhaps even earning itself some interest, I have no doubt that much of it will scatter with all the weddings, birthdays, and traveling summer generally brings.

On another [not-so-funny, unable to make light of this subject] note, I found out yesterday that a friend of mine (an ex no less) has got his orders for deployment to Iraq for a year. This news is definitely not surprising though the reality of it still makes me feel slightly nauseated. Not necessarily at the prospect of him going to serve his country, because it is truly what he has wanted to do since we were in high school. But because I cannot think of a more pointless cause for him to fight for, a more destructive and futile effort to make our country safer. I know this is what he wants and because of this, and because many people who I don't know but whose lives have equal worth as my friend's, I pray that the efforts of all of these people will not be in vain and that their lives not be lost because a morally bankrupt man and his friends made a terrible error in judgement.



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