Tuesday, April 17


While I would have normally updated on my workout progress since it has officially been a week since we started our healthy makeovers, I think I will wait until tomorrow.

I couldn't really think of anything eloquent or poignant to write about the events of yesterday even though I was filled with a sense of emptiness and sadness. Even now, I am left with nothing except for the chilling feeling that it could have us. It could have been my school. It could have been any of us. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to make this tragedy my own. It happened over 500 miles away and to people I have never met. But it is the reality that these people were my age, were students, were going about their Monday just like they would any other Monday, except some of them ended up dead.

Whatever I am feeling is minor compared to the grief that the Virginia Tech community will deal with in the weeks and months to come. Even a large university such as this one still has a tight knit community of students, staff and faculty who have a common bond through their love for their school - and now through a really horrible, unimaginable event.

I guess, for whatever it's worth, I want to express my grief and sympathy for everyone who was affected, hurt or killed yesterday at VT. Sometimes the world is a really cold place.


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