Saturday, March 31

Don't call. Never call. Always show up.

I know, I've been a little lazy with posting. Not lazy so much as preoccupied. With lots of things. Things that I choose not to talk about during this post.

Today I went to see my little brother compete in the high school state drama competition. The whole atmosphere reminded me of when I was involved with the drama club. [Well, technically dating women makes me a lifetime member of A drama club, but...not really the same thing.] But I remember how accepted I felt there and how it really became a safe haven for me. I see that he has that too, and it makes me happy for him. It makes me less worried for him as he trudges precariously through high school, trying to find himself in a "world" that demands conformity and breeds ridicule for those who refuse that demand. But for someone who is really just beginning to grow up, he is a pretty phenomenal person.

That being said, I have some very exciting news. Today, I cleaned. Just allow that to sink in for a second. I every inch of my place. I got on my hands and knees and cleaned top to bottom and all corners. It was a pain in the ass - but when I was done, the place actually felt like somewhere I wanted to hang out.

And finally, a display of my self-expression.


Anonymous Muffin said...

hahahahahaha. Your pic is hot!

Monday, April 02, 2007 4:20:00 PM


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