Friday, February 23

hi, my name is Ashley

And I'm an ebay-a-holic.

I have always loved eBay, but it has only recently dawned on me that it is not normal to spend 4 consecutive hours searching for red sox tickets, SLR 35 mm cameras, and beaded jewelry from india and japan.


I get a little overjealous with my bidding sometimes though. I start bidding on a few very similar items and then hold my breath as all the auctions end, praying that I am outbid on all of them because the truth is, I don't need a book on zen gardens. I just don't. [Even if it was 75% off retail value.]

People make fun of me but I have gotten some cool shit on eBay for WAY less than face value. Things I have bought:

1. $300 floor seats to Madonna [EACH] for $75 each. I could have reached out and
touched her at one point.
2. So many Red Sox tickets. Once to a sold out game against the Yankees. Not
terrible seats either.
3. A BRAND new, still in the box, never been used Olympus SLR 35 mm camera with 20" lens and case. With a year warranty. It is worth $400, I paid less than $100.

So laugh on, oh ye of little faith [and thriftness]. But what other people want to get rid of, I will gladly pay 75% off for. Now if you could only buy fabulous Carribean vacations on ebay. I'd be all over that shit.


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